The Pace of Life and the work of the Holy Spirit

I wonder how we manage to do as much as we do.  There are so many possibilities in the world, so many choices to be made, so little time it seems.  For instance, Ariana is in High School now and is in the midst of classes, studying, working on the stage crew, etc.  As a freshman she is studying at least 3 hours a night if not more, plus weekends.  We have an app/website called “Powerschool” in which teachers post the kids grades, homework assignments and more.  Their grades are posted after each test and assignment.  Their running cumulative grade point average is also posted.  It lets us see how they are doing.  However, like watching the stock market every day, it can be unnerving.    It just seems like a lot more homework than I remember doing when I was freshman in high school.  I don’t see the kids having much “down time” or unstructured time.  It seems like we are rushing them through school and onto a career.  We know that life seems to have sped up enormously in the last 2 or 3 decades.  What are we rushing into?  The other day I found out that Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN will be offering a 2 year MDiv program (for ordination) instead of the 4 year program that is currently in place.  The 2 year program will run throughout the year – summers too.  It will  be free and will include the Internship in those two years.  So, basically what took me 4 years will only take a new seminarian 2 years.  I wonder if we are rushing the work of the Holy Spirit when we cut short the time it takes to do things.   Granted the program is very selective and would be wonderful for the person who is older, who doesn’t have a lot of cash laying around, and who has been in the workforce for a while.  I get back to the observation that sometimes discernment process can and should take time.  Sometimes we rush through life so that we don’t really get a good taste for it.  Like eating too fast…do we miss the presence, the  realization or the work of the Holy Spirit?  Other observations?