The Pace of Life and the work of the Holy Spirit

I wonder how we manage to do as much as we do.  There are so many possibilities in the world, so many choices to be made, so little time it seems.  For instance, Ariana is in High School now and is in the midst of classes, studying, working on the stage crew, etc.  As a freshman she is studying at least 3 hours a night if not more, plus weekends.  We have an app/website called “Powerschool” in which teachers post the kids grades, homework assignments and more.  Their grades are posted after each test and assignment.  Their running cumulative grade point average is also posted.  It lets us see how they are doing.  However, like watching the stock market every day, it can be unnerving.    It just seems like a lot more homework than I remember doing when I was freshman in high school.  I don’t see the kids having much “down time” or unstructured time.  It seems like we are rushing them through school and onto a career.  We know that life seems to have sped up enormously in the last 2 or 3 decades.  What are we rushing into?  The other day I found out that Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN will be offering a 2 year MDiv program (for ordination) instead of the 4 year program that is currently in place.  The 2 year program will run throughout the year – summers too.  It will  be free and will include the Internship in those two years.  So, basically what took me 4 years will only take a new seminarian 2 years.  I wonder if we are rushing the work of the Holy Spirit when we cut short the time it takes to do things.   Granted the program is very selective and would be wonderful for the person who is older, who doesn’t have a lot of cash laying around, and who has been in the workforce for a while.  I get back to the observation that sometimes discernment process can and should take time.  Sometimes we rush through life so that we don’t really get a good taste for it.  Like eating too fast…do we miss the presence, the  realization or the work of the Holy Spirit?  Other observations?

4 thoughts on “The Pace of Life and the work of the Holy Spirit”

  1. The Holy Spirit will work as the Spirit wills. If you are feeling rushed and stressed, maybe The Spirit is calling you to slow down. If your life is full of “busyness”, then maybe you are being called to take a listening time-out. Busyness is not fulfillment or meaning.

    But for others, The Spirit may work through and with activity and engagement. Why does someone need to slow down to experience the Holy Spirit?

    There is a big surge in “mindfulness” and meditation classes. That’s great for a lot of people! Many people look at their lives and what they “have” to do. What if those people started looking at their lives as what they “get” to do? Would that change their behavior? Their mindset? The way they listened for The Spirit to move them next?

    Some look at their lives as what they “get” to do, and struggle to hear The Spirit calling them into action. They feel life is passing them by and they are waiting on the sidelines never “getting” to do anything.

    Burn out happens to people for a variety of reasons. For some, it is trying to do too much. For others it may be the stress of not finding enough to do. Some people are overwhelmed by having too many choices, while some are blinded to opportunities right in front of them, while others are dulled by boredom. Listening for the many ways The Holy Spirit calls to us can help us all.

    1. I do feel the Holy Spirit working even when I am “running” and and doing things. At that point I feel the Spirit spurring me on to do the task – and it feels great! The quiet times are, maybe for me, a time of getting a hint of my “marching orders” from the Spirit.
      Once I feel a call to action I do feel the Spirit guiding me and giving me strength and purpose.

  2. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” That verse comes to mind when I think of the rushing around we find ourselves doing, when we feel pressured to achieve even if it’s pressure we put upon ourselves. We feel we are doing too much, we feel we aren’t doing enough. Then we slow down a bit and – surprise! – we just might feel the whoosh of the Holy Spirit, guiding our thoughts and our hearts to take upon what is just enough for each one of us. Ha! the Holy Spirit is our very own “pace-maker”!

    1. Thanks Carol for your insights in this. I find that I like working fast and effectively with a goal in mind… sometimes a time sensitive goal. “We need to get this organ up and running by tomorrow..” sort of thing. I feel the Spirit giving me energy to make it through. I find that walking through the woods when I’m on vacation or somewhere away from home, gives me a new perspective on my life and my purpose – well, it might solidify it.

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