Fixing stuff or Not fixing stuff

Recently,  I’ve worked on three electronic devices – 2 seven inch tablets and a cell phone.  I watched Youtube videos on how to fix them, and I tried getting the right tools for the job.  I hoped and prayed that I could fix them.  Well, needless to say, I failed at all three attempts and actually made them worse than before I started.  One of the tablets I gave to a person who does those kinds of repairs – and it got fixed.  The other two devices were a lost cause and ended up in the trash.  I tried and failed.  Will I try again in the future?  Probably.  We try and fail sometimes, but eventually we will succeed at some point in some way.  I want to live a life of at least trying, knowing that I may fail, but to be OK with that and move on or keep trying.  At some point I need to re-evaluate my motives and stop if I continually fail time after time after time.   Being a member of church, are we afraid to try new things with the possibility of failure?  Jesus gave his disciples countless second chances after they messed up.  Perhaps I can do the same with myself some day.  I hope you can too.