A New Decade of “being” Church

There is a call to be the church in the world.  This doesn’t necessarily apply to the physical structures whatever they may be.  I think it broadens into the everyday lives of people.  It almost has to be.  Most of the members of this congregation understand the demands of the modern day worker.  Long hours and long weeks – oftentimes this means 6 or 7 days a week.  Rest is becoming less and less common.  I wonder if everyday faith practices (however you would define them) are more “necessary” now than ever.  Our staying connected to God in meaningful ways is very important.  Luther once replied that the busier he was the more prayer time he needed.  Our worship services are a means of connecting with God and with each other (as flawed and hypocritical as we sometimes are) in those meaningful ways.  Hopefully, they are also a means of strengthening our faith and giving us a thing or two to think about in the days that follow.

We see people  giving to others when they can where they can.  This is good news for all of us.

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