This is “Church”

My wife and I noticed that our daughter’s friend didn’t have a winter coat.  This friend lives away from her parents.  They send her half way across the country to attend our daughter’s school.  This friend had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, so my wife and I decided to buy her a coat for her birthday.  My daughter asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she responded by texting “going to the Domes and Canfora Bakery and then eating sushi.”  I shared this with a couple from church while we were having coffee.  They said “our daughter has a few coats that she is not using.. we’ll check and see.”  They texted me later that they were at Costco and bought two coats – she could have her choice.

I contacted the bakery and mentioned that this friend wanted to visit them on her birthday.  One of the owners texted back that we could come on Saturday night and watch how they make the bread for the next day.  We came and immediately the two girls put on aprons and learned how to make the bread.  For 2 hours they watched and participated in rolling the dough and putting the trays of dough into the steamer and then into the oven.  My daughter’s friend was ecstatic.  This was a wonderful gift.   She even filled out a job application for part time work at the bakery.  The owners of the bakery are a members of the church I serve.

I don’t know about you, but I get a little tired of hearing how “evil” the church.  Yes, we can be judgmental and hypocritical among other things – we’re all part of the human race, but we can also be very caring, supportive, and loving to others as well.  The coat and the bakery experience demonstrates some of the best of “church.”

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