Pandemic and Spirituality

Most churches without indoor worship services, the almost constant wearing of masks, closed businesses, limited access to shops, online shopping, curbside pickup at restaurants, etc.
How is our spiritual life faring during this time? For some it may be a time of rebirth and the start of something new. For others time away from people is almost devastating – especially without worship in the sanctuaries as usual. Or if indoors, masks and physical distance are in play. I find it tough to change especially if there is loss involved. I’m a little slow to adapt to change or figure out what changes I need in order to feed my spirit.
There is certainly time for prayer, quiet reflection, scripture reading or other reading that fills me. We do have the technology to remain connected to each other in meaningful ways. Yeah, all of that is good, but…a good hug or warm handshake or a knowing smile does wonders.
A great deal of spiritual development occurs with other people – our interactions with them. What works for you? It’s a mixed bag.

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