Healing and wholeness

I wonder if we will ever know the depths of emotional and physical “damage” to which the isolation of the pandemic has created in us. That along with the inability to do much of the things we used to do. People in all areas of health care have seen various manifestations of our isolation.  I’ve heard of increases in anti-depressant drugs, more physical ailments (including death), and more family violence, just to name a few.

Now the question arises:  what is it like to come out of the pandemic? Do we take small careful steps into the “normal”? Is it like going back to the gym after a year and working out every so briefly and lightly at first so that we don’t get injured? Maybe. We are a people in a hurry – usually – and maybe that doesn’t serve us as well as we would like. Being a spiritual leader I support a slow down in our lives, although being the person I am, it is tough for me to do as well. Allowing ourselves time to heal and become more whole is always a good thing.  Just some random thoughts…

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