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Where Jesus' Voice is Heard, Proclaimed and Lived
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Pastor's Word for October 2019

"The Fastest Car ... The deepest devotion"

I recently watched the second season of The Fastest Car on Netflix. There are only 7 episodes per season, but I would love it if there were more. The premise of the show is tracking the lives of 4 people who build racing cars from ordinary cars. At the end of the show there is a race against a "supercar." The supercars are usually Ferraris, Bugatis, Mclarens, even a Tesla.

The interesting aspects of the show, obviously, are the cars and what is done to them. What is more interesting to me are the stories of the people who build them. People build Honda Civics, Mustangs, GM station wagons, Toyota trucks, dune buggies, vans, Mini Coopers, etc. into really fast cars. They call them "sleeper cars" because you wouldn't expect them to be as powerful as they are.

In most cases you find that building a car from the ground up is therapy for a good number of the people. They've lost someone dear to them -- a father who got them interested in cars and worked with them on their cars. Or a soldier who came back from Afghanistan and had a hard time getting used to life as a civilian. Or a person who is fighting addiction by devoting time and energy working on their cars. There is always a deeper motivating force than what appears on the surface. I find too that the teams who build the cars together are often described as "family." There is always something beyond the cars.

I imagine that the disciples who were called away from their normal duties were "thrust" into a new "family" headed by Jesus. They spent at least 3 years of their lives deeply devoted to the mission that Jesus showed them. They were different people after 3 years than they were when they began. They had grown and learned immensely. What is it that drives us? That is what I am most interested in as a pastor, well, as a person of faith. Oftentimes our understanding of the Holy Spirit within us is very difficult to understand -- and that's OK. We listen, we move, we love, we cherish the people around us. We find time for the Spirit to move us. That is wonderful news. What is even greater news is that the Spirit never tires, never gets bored, never diminishes. It is always present.

May the spirit of Christ dwell in you richly!
Pastor Brent