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Picture of Trinity Trinity Lutheran Church
Where Jesus' Voice is Heard, Proclaimed and Lived
N60 W6047 Columbia Road
Cedarburg, WI 53012
(262) 377-0610

Pastor's Word for August 2017

I don't know about you, but I get rather uptight when I'm in the middle of a renovation project at home. Sure, we have a General Contractor (whom I have the utmost confidence in and trust completely) coordinating tradespeople to do the work, but still ...

It's my role in this that I sometimes have a problem with or don't trust. Case in point. We had a great architect do the work of laying everything out. I should back up a bit. Kelly, Ariana, and I are having a 3/4 bathroom constructed upstairs in our 1925 Milwaukee bungalow home. A 3/4 bathroom means no bathtub, just a shower. I've never heard of that before either. Anyway, because of the shortage of space we decided on a pocket door for the bathroom -- a 28 pocket door to be exact. It was on the drawings of the bathroom. I went to the City to have the plans approved, which they did. Hooray! I received my building permit and I contacted the contractor and we were well on our way. Within a couple of weeks we had the rough framing done including the frame for the pocket door, the rough plumbing, and the rough electrical work done. Last week the plumbing and electrical inspectors came and approved the progress. Great! All I needed to do was contact the building inspector for a rough inspection of the bathroom, then we could proceed to the insulating and drywalling. Well, it happened that the building inspector came with plans and permit in hand ready to approve us ... or so I thought. What I missed was that the permit called for a 32 door opening rather than a 28 opening. I didn't read the permit carefully ... Well, frustrated at myself for my mistake, I called the contractor and told him what I had done and what was needed to happen.

The contractor called me back the next morning and said that we can move ahead on this. He told me that stuff like this happens on jobs -- I know this all too well from installing church organs for 10 years. He gave me the grace that I much needed that I wasn't willing to give myself. There are good people all around us.

I do need to fix my mistake, however long it takes me, but I am reassured that the general contractor and I are partners in this -- and we will get through this and make it work.

Jesus often gave his disciples the grace that they needed. He reassured them that he is there for them -- and he forgives them and helps them to move forward. Jesus does that to all of us especially when we need it most.

That's all for now. Blessings on your month!
Pastor Brent