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Pastor's Word for July 2019

As we drove the long winding road along the coast of Lake Michigan, Kelly and I wondered what it would be like staying at a place in which all motorized vehicles (with the exception of some vehicles for emergencies and such) had been banned in the late 1890s. Yes, Mackinac Island in the UP.

We disembarked the ferry and found ourselves standing on a busy street watching bicyclists and horse drawn carriages and wagons go by. Our hotel was only half a block away and we took our bicycles to the racks just outside the hotel. The weather was cool and damp with a slight "spitting" from the clouds above. This is where we would spend our next three and a half days.

Both of us were looking forward to a relaxing and "uneventful" time of rest and celebration.

Over the next few days we went biking, hiking and walking around the island. We saw much of nature and the museums that were in the area. I was awed by the age of St. Ann's church (established in 1670) and Fort Mackinac. I didn't realize that a church in the Midwest was established so early in our history considering that Trinity is one of the oldest churches in the area.

The other aspect of the island was the fact (much to my daughter's delight) that there are around 900 people on the island -- population, but there are over 600 horses. There is one doctor for people and 3-7 veterinarians at any given time. Horses galore! Kelly even took a picture of a horse-drawn street sweeper as well as the UPS and Amazon Prime delivery people unloading boxes from a horse-drawn wagon. What a perfect place for Ariana to work during the summer while she's attending college!

My other thought was the Native American worldview of two-leggeds (people) and four-leggeds (some animals). On the island there was much history of the Native Americans who visited and were present throughout the history of the island. As a matter of fact, we learned that initially the Natives fought alongside the British against the "American" rebels since they didn't want them to colonize and take their land. As when we visit the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota, we learn that the Natives see the world as more interconnected than most people. The pace of life was considerably slower -- which we had been looking forward to. The verse that says "Be still and know that I am God" is really applicable and necessary in life, especially now with so much going on at an accelerated pace.

We were very grateful for our time away.

Pastor Brent